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100% cash payout


2016 Payouts Guaranteed Regardless of Field Size!

Renegade Bass is very pleased to announce the payouts for the four (4) 2016 qualifier tournaments will be 100% cash payout guaranteed regardless of field size.

    Field size 50 teams -> Qualifier payout purse 50*$300=$15,000
    Field size 55 teams -> Qualifier payout purse 55*$300=$16,500
    Field size 60 teams -> Qualifier payout purse 60*$300=$18,000
    Field size 70 teams -> Qualifier payout purse 70*$300=$21,000
    Field size 85 teams -> Qualifier payout purse 85*$300=$25,500

Why only fish for 70% of your entry fees. Do the math and then come fish Renegade Bass? The more you know the better we look.

As a not for profit tournament series, run by the members for the members we are extremely happy to be able to offer this value to the anglers. There is still time to get your registration in before the December 1st Early Bird deadline could be worth up to an extra $2500 in cash. Don’t delay, register now!

Registration Forms are available here.