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Big Rideau Lake

Rideau Ferry, ON.

June 23, 2018


Big and Little Rideau Lakes are not only beautiful but loaded with big fish that offer a number of different ways or patterns to catch those fish. This is why it’s a tournament angler’s dream body of water. Lots of room even with 70-90 boats competing and plenty of options. This tournament often yields large mixed bags of bass with anglers taking advantage of the big open water smallies often caught suspended gorging on bait-fish and the big largemouth caught anywhere from a foot of water to 20 feet of water on baits such as jigs and senkos. This event is always exciting for the anglers and fans which is why it’s often chosen as an RBT event location.


Charles Sim and Nigel Touhey did what they do best back in June of 2016 when they sacked 19 pounds, 1 ounce for the win. The duo is once again the favourite coming into this year’s event, but they will need to change up their game plan since this year’s event falls much earlier on the calendar. They will need to fend off other Big Rideau sticks like Doug Brownridge and Dave Chong who only trailed by 3 ounces on the scales in 2016.


This year’s event is much earlier in the season than the last time RBT set out on Big Rideau, making this go around much more unpredictable. Key factors like the weather leading up to the event and which stage the fish are in as they transition from the spawn could place fish anywhere on the lake. If the weather stays warm leading up to the event, the largemouth bite might be hot as well, since they will likely spawn first and may be feeding more actively come tournament time. However, if a team can pull up on an active school of smallies, they may be taking home the top prize. A solid pre-fish will be key for most teams this year. The competition should be tight with many more boats competing this year, but whatever team can separate themselves from the pack in Q1 is going to have the edge for the rest of the season along with a birth to the RBT classic.


  1. Time of year – Big Rideau Lake is a massive fishery with many options ranging from 50+ feet of water up to 1 foot or less and this time of year could position fish anywhere in that range. The team that can figure them out during their pre-fish will likely take home a cheque.
  2. Weather – Everyone knows weather during a tournament can be a determining factor during an event, but this year the weather leading up to the tournament may be more important. With the area’s later than usual spring, fish may still be spawning come tournament time. If the weather stays warm leading up to the event, fish may have finished spawning and become more active. Check those forecasts!
  3. Smallies or Largies? – Many 4 and 5 plus pound fish can be found here, but the decision to target smallmouth or largemouth will be a tough one to make.