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2018 Dog & Cranberry Preview

2018 Dog & Cranberry Preview


Dog & Cranberry Lakes

Seeley’s Bay, ON

August 18, 2018

Angler’s Insight

“I love fishing this picturesque body of water. There’s lots of room to explore on this fertile system and every corner seems to hold bass. Numbers are usually not a problem but catching a big satchel can be a real challenge as the fish are pressured by numerous “fish camps” on the system. Look for prime structure relating to deep water to target monster largemouth. Don’t overlook smallmouth either from some of the wall mounts and photos observed around the lake.” – Kerry Clouthier

Last Event

The last trip to Dog & Cranberry Lakes was at the 2016 RBT Classic. Great weights were seen in the top 5 with Lenny Devos and Jeff Desloges coming out on top with their 2-day total of 37.41 pounds. The local hammers love this body of water as it plays to their strengths of pitching into weed beds and they are excited to be back for Q4 this year.

The 2016 Classic also saw 2018 Q1 winners Steve Barnett and Jack Levert coming in second place by just under a pound. This body of water also plays to their strengths, so look for them to put up a big bag this year. They are currently in the lead for Team of the Year, so there’s no doubt they are going to be coming out swinging to hopefully lock up the TOY title.

What to Expect This Year 

The “pea-green soup” is expected to be in full effect with this summer’s hot weather and the lake’s propensity for algae blooms. The scum and mats should provide a topwater bite if the weather is right, but there is always a deep water (8-20ft) bite to be had with many milfoil beds to pitch into around the three lakes.

Finding a limit shouldn’t be a problem for the teams, however finding those kickers can be few and far between if they are not dialled into what the fish are doing. “There’s going to be a lot of teams running and gunning because there’s so much stuff on that lake that looks good, but the guys that key in the spots on the spot are going to hammer them.” Said RBT pro Stefan Wenek.

Key Factors

  1. Spot on the spot – With so much of the lake looking like largemouth heaven, the teams that dial in a pattern on specific cover will be taking home the top prize. Teams that have a lot of history on this lake and have eliminated a lot of that good-looking water will be threats in Q4.
  2. Weather – Largemouth are more temperamental when it comes to changes in weather, so teams will be glued to their weather apps looking for any temperature or winds changes leading up to; and on event day.