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Professional presentations on lake specific techniques and tactics by top Renegade Bass Tour Pros!

Participating teams may optionally join the Renegade Bass Apprenticeship program to help with all areas of tournament fishing including pre-fishing planning and execution, tackle preparation and post-tournament analysis.

The Academy and Apprenticeship program is open to anglers registered for any 2019 RBT event.

Renegade Bass members, if you have an angler in mind that would benefit from the seminar please invite them out.

The seminars are completely FREE!

2019 Renegade Bass Academy Seminars

Time: 6:30-9 pm doors open at 6:00 pm.

Saturday January 19th – Mississippi Lake
Location: Grenville Mutual Insurance Company
Address: 380 Colonnade Drive, Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0
Adam Howell
Corey Gaffeny
Saturday March 30th – Big Rideau Lake
Location: 457 Main St, North Dundas, ON K0C, Canada
Steve Barnett
Corey Gaffeny
Sam Lauzon
Jack Levert
Saturday April 13th – St.Lawrence River and Lake St. Francis
Location: 457 Main St, North Dundas, ON K0C, Canada
Craig Lister
Corey Gaffney
Steve Barnett
Mark Hamelin
Craig Lister

“Matt Tooley and I joined renegade last year as rookies, so we can give a little insight to those who may be considering joining an idea of what it’s like. Before last year we had (still do) have little tournament experience outside of some smaller open tournaments around the kingston area. By trade we are back water junk fisherman so everything was brand new to us but we wanted to learn and get better. We had no idea what to expect once we signed up but from day one everyone was very helpful. We had absolutely no knowledge of the bodies of water we fished last year so we signed up for the master development program to learn everything we could. Each seminar was based around a body of water that was scheduled for that year and basically they bring in guys who have years of experience on that body of water and they tell you what to look for, how to pre-fish, what baits work for them, how to fish them etc. basically what they have learned in their years on that lake and hand it over. We were also given mentors Robert and Chris who we could go to with any question or problem we were having. We would call them during a pre fish or before the tournament and they would make sure we were on the right track, and if we weren’t they would tell us what we needed to be doing. Not once were we left to the wolves. I can honestly say I don’t know of a series that could be any better at making sure people develop into better fisherman, and with all the help thats offered through the seminars and MDP it actually does give guys an opportunity to be competative.” — Blake Orr, 2015 Rookie Team of the Year

“If you are considering fishing Renegade for the first time, or contemplating coming back – just do it! Your investment this year will be well worth it. With the new Renegade Master’s Development program you have the opportunity to learn specific strategies to tackle each of the bodies of water we fish this year. I can tell you from attending the first one you will learn a lot just from listening to some of the best in the game talk about how they approach different bodies of water and different situations. I also know that each team will be paired up with a “coach’ for the year to help further strengthen your skills. Together these new initiatives add to what you learn by competing with the guys on this series and will help you be more competitive. I know it is tough to commit to a series, especially when you may not have had “success” (cashed a cheque, won a tournament, etc) in the past, but if you view success as a longer term goal with incremental improvements along the way that build towards it, I think everyone with the desire will get a lot out of fishing this series.” — Bobby Jordan, 2014 MDP participant