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Charles Sim 10th Place at Sam Rayburn

Charles Sim 10th Place at Sam Rayburn


Via flwfishing.com

One of just two Canadian anglers on Tour this year, Charles Sim drove 28 hours from Nepean, Ontario, to bust on some east Texas largemouths and earn his first top 10 on Tour. And after driving more than a full day to get to Rayburn, it’s no surprise he didn’t feel like moving much once he got there.

“My boat was within 20 feet for probably 90 percent of the fish I weighed in,” Sim says.

The reason Sim could sit on the same spot for four days of competition was simple: It was loaded with fish.

“I was in a little drain that was leading back to a spawning area, and I think they were staging there,” he adds. “They were really grouped up tight on this one bank with a straight drain with a tiny little turn. It didn’t jut out more than 10 feet, but on that 10-foot spot there was a big chunk of hydrilla and they were sitting on that.”

Sim tossed around a Texas-rigged NetBait Paca Craw for a couple fish and a Carolina-rigged NetBait Mad Paca for some others, but most of his bass came on a Strike King 6XD in powder blue back chartreuse color.

Making a top 10 in a tournament full of hammers by virtue of working one spot for four days isn’t easy, and Sim certainly got the most of his honey hole for a $14,000 payday.