Tournament Info

Name: Mississippi River
Launch: Carleton Place town launch
Boat Check-in: 5:15 - 6:45 am
Take-Off: 7:00 am
Weigh-in: 4:00 pm

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Bennett's Bait and Tackle
158 Lombardy Road
Smiths Falls, Ontario
Tel: 613-283-0683
Fax: 613-283-1292

510 St. Lawrence St.
Winchester, Ontario
Tel: 613-774-2277
Toll Free: 1-888-886-8815
Fax: 613-774-0613


7811 Highway 15
Carleton Place, ON
Tollfree: 1-877-253-HUNT (4868)
Tel: 1-613-253-FISH (3474)
Fax: 1-613-253-BASS (2277)

Canadian Tire
485 McNeely Avenue
Carleton Place
Tel: (613) 253-8473


Canadian Tire Gas Bar
6 Bridge St & Lake Ave W
Carleton Place

10483 Hwy 7 near Hwy 15
Carleton Place

10418 Hwy 7 & McNeely Ave
Carleton Place


Mr. Gas
19 Moore St near Lake Ave E
Carleton Place




Barons Motor Inn
Highway 7 & 15
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-4002
Fax: (613) 257-8319

7 West Motel
10470 Hwy. #7
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257 5666
Tel: (613) 257 8533
Fax: (613) 257 8666

Lake Park Family Lodge
100 Cedar Ave
Carleton Place, ON
K7C 3P2
Tel: (613) 253-2129


Tim Horton's
144 Franktown Road
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-0446

2 Lake Ave W
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-2425

Buster's Bar & Grill
515 McNeely Ave
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-0707
15 % Discount before June 30th

Thirsty Moose Pub & Eatery
20 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-0879


Ballygiblins Restaurant and Pub
151 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-7400

Fine Greek and Canadina Food
156 Bridge St.
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 492-1333

Dixie Lee Fried Chicken
45 Munro St
Carleton Place, ON


The Eating Place
Canadian and Italian food
73 Bridge St.
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-7595

The Good Companion
Chinese/Szechwan cuisine
15 Allan St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-3288

7 Bridge St.
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 492-0281


The Hing Wah Restaurant
Chinese buffet and take-out
1 Bell St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-1818

The House of Fong Restaurant
Chinese restaurant and take-out
52 Beckwith St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-5628

Milano Pizzeria
pizza, donair, salad
26 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-0777


Pizza Pizza
Eat-in take-out, delivery service
14 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 737-1111

Ponticello Trattoria
Italian Restaurant and cafe
155 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 492-8888

Saigon's Delight
Vietnamese Cusine
130 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 492-1092


Sandy's Burgers & Caribbean Delight
Eat-in and take-out available
58 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-0009

142 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 913-3546

Slackoni's Fine Italian Cuisine
35 Mill St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 492-1004


Spartan Pizza
eat in, take out, and delivery
149 Beckwith St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 253-1522

St. James Gate
Cusine from Ireland
111 Bridge St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613)257-7530

Subway Sandwiches & Salads
124 Coleman St
Carleton Place, ON
Tel: (613) 257-5660

Angler's Insight

"Growing up on this lake I have watched it change over the years. It's a relatively shallow lake which means its full of grass so baits you can work over top are a must like hollow body frogs and shallow running crankbaits. Because of its size it does have a fair amount of fishing pressure so look for some offshore structure that most anglers over look to be successful!" Corey Gaffney - 2009 Renegade Bass Mississippi Lake Champion

"Mississippi Lake is one of the funniest lakes to fish in the area. The lake has no shortage of bass but often the challenge is quality not quantity. While typically bass fishing techniques like plastic frogs and spinnerbaits do produce, slowing down and flipping the mid-lake weed beds with flipping tubes and jigs can produce bigger fish." Michael Vandenberg - 2003 Renegade Bass Silver Series Mississippi Lake Champion

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