Tournament Info

Name: St. Lawrence River
Date: July 21st, 2018
Launch: Morrisburg Town Launch (County Rd. 4 and Lakeshore Dr.)
Boat Check-in: 5:15 am to 6:45 am
Take-Off: 7:00 am
Weigh-in: 4:00 pm

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Bennett's Bait and Tackle
158 Lombardy Road
Smiths Falls, Ontario
Tel: 613-283-0683
Fax: 613-283-1292

510 St. Lawrence St.
Winchester, Ontario
Tel: 613-774-2277
Toll Free: 1-888-886-8815
Fax: 613-774-0613


Carpins Bait and Tackle
2-15 Dickinson Dr.
Ingleside, ON
Tel: 613-537-2248

Canadian Tire
12329 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: 613-543-3015


Canadian Tire
764 Hwy 401 W
Morrisburg, ON
(613) 543-4162

12456 CR-2 Laurier Dr.
Morrisburg, ON

5210 Hwy 31 Hwy 401 (exit 750)
Morrisburg, ON


12438 CR-2 Campbell St
Morrisburg, ON




McIntosh Country Inn
12495 Hwy. 2 East
Morrisburg, ON
Toll Free: 1-888-229-2850

The Riverside
13339 Hwy No 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-2162

Inn By The Park
22 Sir James Morris Dr
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-0600


Upper Canada Playhouse
76 High
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-2201

Loyalist Lodge
12358 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-0969

Doran Bay Resort
11128 County Road No.2
Iroquois, Ontario
Tel: (613) 652-6277


McIntosh Country Inn & Conference Centre
12495 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-3788

Country Style Morrisburg
12456 Country Rd 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-3337

Highway 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-2299


Tim Hortons
12407 County Rd 2
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-0717

Tim Hortons
758 Hwy 401 E
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (519) 682-1940

The Pizza Castle
Village Plaza
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-0025


Pizza Pizza
5 Main Street
Morrisburg, ON
Tel: (613) 543-0808

Angler's Insight

This stretch of the St. Lawrence River is one of the premier bass fisheries in all of North America and a big reason why Bassmasters Elite has selected it this year for a Major. The options are unlimited here to a big satchel of victory. Take the gamble and make the run to the big lake for giant wolf pack Smallies? Stay and play in the river with serious numbers of smallmouth or flip and pitch the slow water for giant buckets in the shickanes? This will be one of our most exciting events! Can't Wait!
Kerry Clouthier - 2011 Team of the Year Champion

Renegade is starting their 2013 season one week earlier this year and what better place for the first qualifier than on the St. Lawrence out of Morrisburg. Now, some anglers might already have it in mind that it's going to be a spawn bite but it is important to keep an open mind at this time of year. Depending on the weather, bass might be anywhere from pre-spawn to early summer pattern and being that not all bass spawn at the same time, looking at all your options is key. For example, the last time Renegade was on the St. Lawrence was for Q1 of 2011 and after our pre-fish when most anglers were staying shallow, we concluded that the majority of bass we were on were mostly post-spawn. We concentrated our efforts in a little deeper water where we caught our bigger fish. Figuring out what stage the majority of bass are in and what they are doing and then concentrating your efforts on those fish is key to having a good tournament or a successful one. Whatever the conditions maybe, having the Q1 on the St.Lawrence a week early should make things quite interesting at the weigh-in.
Serge Carriere - 2005 / 2011 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Champion

Past Results

Tournament Results

Weight Team Members Event
27.74Charles Sim / Nigel Touhey2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q1
24.68Kevin Selleck / John Horton2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q3
24.56Jay McCormack / Mike Desforges2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q1
24.22Jean Morin / Serge Carriere2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q1
24.19Steve Barnett / Jack Levert2014 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q3
24.14Corey Gaffney / Tyler Ward2014 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q3
23.99David Chong / Doug Brownridge2017 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q4
23.82David Chong / Doug Brownridge2014 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q4
23.81Kerry Clouthier / Ken Dagenais2014 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q3
23.77Jean Martin Landry / Pat Milot2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Q1

Classic Results

Weight Team Members Event
49.57Adam Howell / Kyle Healey2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
49.07Nolan Leger / Mike Leger2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
45.66David Chong / Doug Brownridge2015 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
45.57Scott Lefebvre / Mario Formica2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
43.86Martin Brisson / Patrick Reardon2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
43.65Alex Merkley / Corey Gaffney2018 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)

Big Fish

Weight Team Members Event
6.75Art Cunningham / Tom Lusk1997 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
6.53Charles Sim / Nigel Touhey2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
6.27Lenny Devos / Jeff Desloges2010 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
6.12Steve Barnett / Jack Levert2015 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
6.12Scott Lefebvre / Mario Formica2018 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
6.09Gary Gaussiran / Claude Joannette2009 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
6.07Scott Lecky / Andy Kinstler2018 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 1
6.07Martin Brisson / Patrick Reardon2018 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
6.02Jean Morin / Serge Carriere2018 Classic St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Day 2
5.99Charles Sim / Nigel Touhey2013 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)

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