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Ed Puddephat Q&A

Ed Puddephat Q&A


How long have you been fishing the Renegade Bass Tour?

I’ve been fishing Renegade for 18 years. I’m proud to say all 18 years I’ve been with the same partner and we’ve never missed a tournament.


Why did you choose to fish the Renegade Bass Tour?

Nobody else will have us… hahaha. No honestly, Renegade is seen to be the most professionally run. They had the best diligence in terms of fish care and angler consideration. It was the best-organized tournament, from the weigh-in process on. Just the whole package seemed to be far and above the rest.


What can anglers gain from fishing the Renegade Bass Tour?

Well before I fished tournaments, I fished the Rideau every day, I fished the same stump, the same time and probably caught the same fish, thought I was god’s gift to fishermen. I think tournaments are a great equalizer, they force you to go to different lakes, they force you to get better and to try different techniques to improve. And I know going back to the first renegade tournament that we’ve fish compared to tournaments that we fish today our skill level is far and above. I mean we’ve come leaps and bounds but unfortunately so has everybody else. If they would just wait for us to catch up that would be so much better, hahaha.


What is your most memorable fish catch of the 2017 season?

Actually, could’ve been my favorite fish catch, it was day two of the classic and we hooked up on a fish, he was pulling drag and he just had that big head shake, it was an absolute monster. Kevin was ready with the net and it finally got up to the boat and it was about a 2 ½. Like, thank God I caught it because I would still be telling everybody about the 7 pounder that I lost. That fish really stuck in my mind for how strong a smallie can be. I wouldn’t want to see how strong that fish could be at 7 pounds.


Which tour stop are you looking forward to the most this year?

Really, I’m looking forward to the whole season this year. Cranberry-Dog is our weakest body of water and I think this year with 77 boats signed up right now it’s going to force us to pre-fish again. last year the opportunities I had, I didn’t take advantage of a lot of them. We didn’t pre-fish a whole lot so I’m really hoping we see a big improvement on our performance as a team. The other three bodies of water I really like, we enjoy fishing them and I think with a bit of time on Cranberry-Dog we’ll figure it out. Maybe try some different areas and different techniques. We’ll do fine.