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Magical Patch of Lily Pads

Magical Patch of Lily Pads


Jason Bilow and Wayde Richer are the Q4 Dog Lake Champs! The final qualifier of the season took place in largemouthville on Dog, Cranberry, and Whitefish Lakes where Bilow and Richer bested the rest and sacked up 21 pounds. They are now $7000 richer and will be fishing in the Classic along with the Tournament of Champions.

The cousin duo was not expecting the win at all, as Richer said, they were just “hoping to make the Classic”. Their 4-pound penalty due to a broken-down battery earlier in the year all but knocked them out of Classic contention until the win at Q4, making the ‘win and you’re in’ feature this year that much more valuable for them.

They had a great day on the water having to sift through some smaller fish to find the big ones. But their day really came together from one small magical patch of lily pads where they caught 3, 4-pound plus fish each time they casted in that spot. Bilow said, “they were actually all kind of in the same area of those pads, it was pretty awesome.” Richer added, “we kind of fished the rest of the area and said let’s pass over it again and bang it came from there again.”

Now that the qualifiers have come to an end, the field has been cut down to the top-40 teams and they will battle it out for 2 days on the St. Lawrence River out of Morrisburg for their shot at a fully rigged BassCat boat rigged with a Mercury outboard valued at over $85,000.

Top 5 teams (Q4)

  1. Jason Bilow / Wayde Richer – 21.00
  2. Clancy Mulvihill / Jeff List – 19.79
  3. Lenny Devos / Jeff Desloges – 19.54
  4. Jean Morin / Serge Carriere – 19.37
  5. Matt Massey / Travis Raison – 18.95

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