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To qualify for EAT, SLEEP JACKALL Bait Rewards, each angler of the team must purchase $50 in Jackall Lures from an authorized Canadian Dealer. The top placing Jackall team in each RBT Tour qualifier will receive a $200 Jackall gift card redeemable at Paddletales Tackle (does not include the 2018 Classic XXIII).

Company Profile

Jackall Lures is an established Japanese Fishing Lure company founded by pro fishermen and ex lure designers from the other major Japanese lure houses. Jackall is focused on creating innovative fishing lures using the latest in engineering technologies. Their fast prototype fabrication methods combined with immediate pro staff in the field fishing tests allows them to create some of the most techonologically advanced and finely tuned fishing lures in the industry.

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10565 Bloomfield Street
Los Alamitos, CA

Toll Free: (562) 493-0300
Email: info@jackall-lures.com