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Series Info & Payouts

2019 series qualifiers and Classic XXIV will be filmed for TV
2017 and 2018 RBTV episodes available on Waypoint here.

2019 RBT Registration Info

Download the 2019 Waiver here and scan/email, mail or handed in-person at Q1.

Download the 2019 Series Rules here.

The 2019 series is full as 80 teams are registered. Thanks to these anglers for choosing to fish Renegade Bass in 2019.

For those registered, the $1000 balance is due March 1st, 2019 and is non-refundable after March 1st, 2019.

Pay your March 1st balance here

2019 RBT Tour Line Up

June 22 – Q1: Mississippi Lake, Carleton Place

July 6 – Q2: Big Rideau Lake, Rideau Ferry Harbour

July 20 – Q3: Lake St.Francis, Cornwall

August 10 – Q4: St.Lawrence River, Morrisburg

September 7 & 8, 2019 Classic XXIV

2019 Series Fees

  • $1200 – Series entry fees per team.
  • $200 – Membership Fee per team
  • $40 – Administration fee
  • $80 – Big Fish pool per team ($20 per qualifier)

Note: All fees are in Canadian Funds

Please make cheques payable to Renegade Bass. $520 dated for December 1st, 2018 December 15th, 2018 and $1000 dated for March 1st, 2019. Alternatively $1520 can be paid by December 1st, 2018 December 15th, 2018.

2019 Guaranteed Qualifier Payout Structure

Qualifier event winners received two (2) Yeti Load Outs Fully Loaded and plaques.

Qualifier Payouts
1st $5000 2nd $2500
3rd $1500 4th $1200
5th $1000 6th $900
7th $800 8th $700
9th $600 10th $500

2019 Big Fish Qualifier Payout

Big Fish Payouts
1st $830 2nd $500 3rd $330

2019 Bass Cat Boats Quest

In 2019, $1,500 is available to be won from Bass cats Boats ($250 per event) through the Bass Cat Boats Quest program in our qualifier events, Pro-Am event and Classic XXII event.

Full details here.

2019 Shimano RBT Series Contingency

The top finishing Shimano team (based on overall weight) from each RBT Series event including the RBT Classic will received 2 Shimano Expride Rods of their choice.

Full details on how to participate are available here.

2019 G. LOOMIS RBT Series Contingency

The top 5 G.Loomis teams (based on overall weight) will be entered into a draw after each event to win a pair of IMX-PRO rods of their choice.

Full details on how to participate are available here.

2019 Classic XIV Prize & Payout

Bass Cat boat with 225HP Mercury outboard fully equipped with one (1) Lowrance HDS-Live 9″ unit, a Motorguide Tour Tour Edition 36v trolling motor, 3 DC batteries and 1 starting battery from Total Battery, and a stainless prop.Big Fish is $500/$300 each day assuming all 40 teams participate ($20 / day)

1st Bass Cat and Mercury
2nd $3000 3rd $2500
4th $1500 5td $1200
6th $1000 7th $700
8th $600 9th $400
10th $300

Top 10 winner will receive additional prizing from Yeti.

2019 RBT Team of the Year Prize

two (2) Yeti Tundra Haul
two (2) x 4 lb Yeit ice
two (2) Yeti Camino
two (2) Yeti Sidekick Dry
two (2) 18 oz Yeti Bottles
two (2) Yeti Mag Dock Lids

2019 BASS Team Championship

In 2019, four (4) teams from Renegade Bass will be eligible to compete in the 2019 BASS Team Championship.

1 – 2018 Team of the Year (Clancy Mulvihill and Jeff List)
2 – 2018 Classic XXII Champions (Adam Howell and Kyle Healey)
3 – 2018 Highest combine weight of 2018 TOY and Classic (Corey Gaffney and Alex Merkley)
4 – Highest Placing Renegade Bass team at the 2019 Thousand Island Open (David Chong and Doug Brownridge)

Full details here.

2019 Yokohama Biggest bass of the Year

The Yokohama Biggest Bass of the Year presented by Goldwing Autocare rewards the team that weighs in the largest bass of the year in any of the 4 qualifying events or the Classic XXIII. The winning team will receive a set of (4) Yokohama tires for each member of the team complete with installation, balancing and nitrogen fill. This prize package has a maximum MSRP of $4000.00.

Yokohama Biggest bass of the Year Winners

2018 Scott Lefebvre & Mario Formica 6.12 – Classic XXIII St.Lawrence River
2017 Kevin Mcphee & Chris Voldock 6.04 – Classic XXII Lake St.Francis
2016 Andy Kinstler & Scott Lecky 6.29 – Q4 Lake St.Francis
2015 Steve Barnett & Jack Levert 6.12 – Classic XX St.Lawrence River
2014 Paul Shibata & Craig Lister 5.84 – Classic XIX Ottawa River
2013 Charles Sim & Nigel Touhey 6.53 – Q1 St.Lawrence River
2012 Charles Sim & Nigel Touhey 6.24 – Q4 Lake St.Francis
2011 Clancy Mulvihill & David Craig 6.55 – Q3 Ottawa River

Full details here.

2019 Rookie Team of the Year

Both members of the team must never have fished the series before.
2018 Rookie Team of the Year – Adam Howell and Kyle Healey
2017 Rookie Team of the Year –
2016 Rookie Team of the Year – Larry MacPhail® and Carlos Ponte®
2015 Rookie Team of the Year – Blake Orr® and Matt Tooley®
2014 Rookie Team of the Year – Barry Clayton® and Steven Neveu®

Winners will be recognized with a plaque at Classic XXIV.

2019 Win and you are IN

First introduced in 2014 and continuing in 2019, the winner of each qualifier will automatically qualify for Classic XXIV. The top 40 teams after 4 qualifier events will still qualify for Classic XXIV. Qualifier winners that are not part of the top 40 will add an additional team to the Classic field. This means Classic XXIV could have a field size of up to 44 teams.

2019 Motorguide Tour

The highest place team running a Motorguide Tour trolling motor after the four (4) Tour qualifiers and Classic XXII based on total weight will win a Motorguide Tour Tour Edition trolling motor.

Full details here.

Other Information

  • 200%+ payout in cash and prizes in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • No entry fee Classic with Bass Cat/Mercury 1st place prize package.
  • one (1) 2019 RBT team will compete in the 2019 BASS Team Championship through the 2018 Thousand Islands Open.
  • two (2) 2018 RBT teams will compete in the 2019 BASS Team Championship.
  • Maximum of 80 teams per event.
  • Kids prizes at every event.
  • The top forty teams (including ties) and qualifier winners will be eligible to participate in the Classic.
  • All tournaments are 1 day events, except for the 2 day Classic Championship.
  • Tournaments start at 7:00 am and weigh-ins begin at 4:00 pm (except for day 2 weigh-in of the Classic which starts at 3:00 pm).
  • You must be a member to compete in the series.
  • Classic XXIV will be streamed live on our facebook page and website.
  • Trophy for top winning team in the Tour qualifiers and Classic XXIV.
  • $20 per team Big Fish Pool split 50-30-20 % for the 3 largest fish.
  • Classic Big Fish: $40 per team optional Big Fish Pool split 50 % for the day 1 largest fish and 50 % day 2 largest fish.
  • See the Shimano / Renegade Bass Live Release Boats and Water Weigh System.
  • Print media lead in coverage for all events.
  • Press Releases for all events including interviews of winners.
  • Shimano Platinum Angler, G.Loomis X-Treme Catch, Bass Cat Boats Que$t, Yokohama Biggest bass of the year award presented by Goldwing Auotcare, and Motorguide Tour.
  • RBT Academy and Apprenticeship program
  • Free kids derby.
  • RBT Academdy Steve Lee Memorial Instructional Pro-AM event August 11th, 2019 on St.Lawrence River.

Note: *Renegade Bass will not assume any liability for prizes not delivered as stated by sponsors and advertisers.

Join the Competition or Come Out and Watch !!!
Water Selection

Pool ‘A’ – Big Rideau Lake, Lake St. Francis, St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg)
Pool ‘B’ – Newboro Lake, Dog/Cranberry/Whitefish Lake, Mississippi Lake
Pool ‘C’ – none

Three selections from pool ‘A’ and one selection from pool ‘B’ per year. No body of water from Pool ‘A’ will be selected 4 years in a row and a pool ‘B’ body of water may not be selected in consecutive years.As per the 2015 AGM, Classic water is selected from ALL the bodies of water except the last qualifier of the current year and the previous year’s Classic body of water.