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Stick With It


Jeff List and Clancy Mulvihill were the one team that was able to break away from the pack and secure top spot at Q2 on Lake St. Francis.

The team brought 22.06 pounds to the scales, cashed a $7000 check, qualified for the Tournament of Champions, and qualified to fish in the 2018 RBT Classic. This goes to show how valuable a win is this year on the Renegade Bass Tour!

Like many other teams, List and Mulvihill worked the flats and saw many 5-6 pound fish swimming near their boat. The difference for them was they actually got 1 or 2 fish to bite out of a pack. Other teams were frustrated with seeing fish and getting no bites. They said to stick with it during those situations and it paid off big time for them.

“The key is persistence; you got to stay on them. We had one spot with probably 12 fish that we knew wouldn’t bite, but we got one to bite and that’s what makes the difference.” Said Mulvihill.

One of the other keys to their Q2 success was not stinging fish in practice. They had a combined total of 5 practice days and only hooked a few fish. “Bend the hooks over or cut the hook off.” Suggested List.

Their bag didn’t include any monster 6+ pound lunkers, but each fish they did have was either a 4 or 5 pounder. “We’ve come close and done well out here, but it’s nice to get a little bit of luck involved there too with one fish.” Said Mulvihill.

The duo is happy everything came together for them and attributed it to both of them sharing the net. “We just grind, grind, grind, and we said if we ever had a day where we were both firing it’d be kind of nice and today was that day. We shared the net and it was a great day.” Said List.

With the win, a birth to the Classic and Tournament of Champions, List and Mulvihill are also sitting 3rd in the Team of the Year standings.

Top 5 teams

1. Clancy Mulvihill / Jeff List – 22.06

2. Charles Sim / Matt Wolfgram – 21.67

3. Paul Shibata / Curtis Richardson – 21.60

4. Ashley Pilgrim / Josh Luloff – 21.05

5. Scott Lecky / Andy Kinstler – 20.70

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