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Tournament of Champions

Date: Sunday September 24th
Location: Secret
Format: 5 fish, paper style tournament (no formal weigh in)
Start Time: 7:00 am
End Time: 4:00 pm

Q1 & Team of the Year Champions: Lenny Devos & Jeff Desloges
White Lake 150 HP & Under Winners: Johnny Fidaoui & Aaron Powell
Q2 & Q3 winners: Blake Orr & Matt Tooley
Muskrat Lake 150 HP & Under Winners: Matt Boisclair & Jason Barker
Thousand Island Open winners: Chris & Cory Johnston
Q4 winners: David Chong & Doug Brownridge
Rideau River 150 HP & Under Winners: Charles Nahm & Jason Davis
Pro-AM winners: Clancy Mulvihill & Joe Murray
Classic XXII Champions: Andy Kinstler & Scott Lecky