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2018 St. Lawrence River Preview

2018 St. Lawrence River Preview


St. Lawrence River

Morrisburg, ON.

July 21, 2018

Anglers Insight

“This stretch of the St. Lawrence River is one of the premier bass fisheries in all of North America and a big reason why Bassmasters Elite has selected it this year for a Major. The options are unlimited here to a big satchel of victory. Take the gamble and make the run to the big lake for giant wolf pack Smallies? Stay and play in the river with serious numbers of smallmouth or flip and pitch the slow water for giant buckets in the shickanes? This will be one of our most exciting events! Can’t Wait!” Said Kerry Clouthier; 2011 Team of the Year Champion.

“Depending on the weather, bass might be anywhere from pre-spawn to early summer pattern and being that not all bass spawn at the same time, looking at all your options is key. For example, the last time Renegade was on the St. Lawrence was for Q1 of 2011 and after our pre-fish when most anglers were staying shallow, we concluded that the majority of bass we were on were mostly post-spawn. We concentrated our efforts in a little deeper water where we caught our bigger fish. Figuring out what stage the majority of bass are in and what they are doing and then concentrating your efforts on those fish is key to having a good tournament or a successful one.” Said Serge Carriere – 2005 / 2011 St. Lawrence River (Morrisburg) Champion.

Last Event

RBT was on the St. Lawrence out of Morrisburg last year in mid-August for Q4. There were solid weights all around with David Chong and Doug Brownridge taking the lead on a 23.99-pound bag. Locals, Andy Kinstler and Scott Lecky were not far behind with their 23.38-pound sack.

Teams were confined to waters in between the Cornwall and Iroquois dams last year since Iroquois was closed from the 100-year high water levels on Lake Ontario making it hard for some teams to adjust their game plans. Those who normally drive to Brockville were forced to find new water, which affected many. Water levels are back to normal this year and the River should be fishing as good as ever.

What to Expect This Year

Fish should be moved out of their post-spawn funk and into a stable summer pattern. Water levels are back to normal and the fish have had lots of time to get back to their homes. The weather has also been quite steady over the last couple of weeks and looks to stay hot leading into tournament time.

One thing is for certain, the current loving smallmouth will be biting somewhere on the river and it should take over 20-pounds to win.

Key Factors

  1. Normal conditions – With all the crazy water levels last year and super heat wave a few weeks ago, things seem to have levelled out now and the fishery should be ready for some big weights. With the conditions back to normal, anglers will get back to their normal game plans on this amazing stretch of bass fishing waters.
  2. Summer patterns – With the post-spawn funk seemingly over, the fish should be on the feed bag again. the bass should be more inclined to chase down baits rather than brushing them off. As seem in Q2 on St. Francis, teams may need to back off of those shallow pods of fish to get them to bite. Typically when the fish see your boat out here you can kiss those bites goodbye.