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BASS Team Championship

Shortcut to the Bassmaster Classic for Renegade Bass Tour Teams

Four teams will represent Renegade Bass at the 2019 Bassmaster Team Championship. The 2018 Team of the Year (Clancy Mulvihill & Jeff List), 2018 Classic XXIII winner (Adam Howell & Kyle Healey) and next team with the highest combined weight from the TOY and Classic (Corey Gaffney & Alex Merkley) will be given first right of refusal to represent Renegade Bass. In the event the either team declines the opportunity the next teams based on TOY and Classic weight we be given a choice until we have 2 teams that accept. The fourth team will be the highest placing Renegade Bass team from the 2019 Thousand Island Open (David Chong & Doug Brownridge).

2019 Bassmaster Team Championship Location full details.

Event: 2019 Bassmaster Team Championship
Date: December 11~14, 2019
Location: Lake Hartwell, Anderson, South Carolina

In the 2019 BASS Team Championship Clancy Mulvihill & Jeff List, Adam Howell & Kyle Healey, and Corey Gaffney & Alex Merkley, and David Chong & Doug Brownridge compete in the 2019 Bassmaster Team Championship on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina.

In the 2018 BASS Team Championship David Chong & Doug Brownridge competed in the 2018 Bassmaster Team Championship on Harris Chain of Lakes, Florida.

In the 2017 BASS Team Championship David Chong & Doug Brownridge, Steve Barnett & Jack Levert and Elisa Bernstein & Sam Lauzon competed in the 2017 Bassmaster Team Championship on Norfolk Lake, Arkansas.

In the 2016 BASS Team Championship David Chong & Doug Brownridge and Curits Richardson & Brad Arnot competed in the 2016 Bassmaster Team Championship on Kentucky Lake, Tennesse.

In the 2015 BASS Team Championship David Chong & Doug Brownridge, Marc Alain & Pierre-Hugues Lussier and Chris Johnston & Lynn Johnston competed in the 2015 Bassmaster Team Championship on Lake Guntersville, Alabama.

In the 2014 BASS Team Championship Corey Gaffney & Tyler Ward and Jean-Charles Goulet & Pierre-Hugues Lussier competed in the 2014 Bassmaster Team Championship on DeGray Lake, Bismarck, Ark.