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How much money do you need to open a real estate agency

According to analysts of the industry company, the market is on the rise. There were drops only in the 1998, 2008, and 2014 crises. Despite the difficult global environment, real estate prices continue to increase. Secondary housing has added 20% in price over the last few years.

Real estate agency services

A realtor can provide a full range of real estate-related services at Another strategy is to concentrate on one thing and build up professional skills and reputation. Both approaches can lead a businessman to success. It all depends on ambition, organizational skills, and the size of the starting capital. List of services:

  1. Finding a seller or buyer. Typical activity. The homeowner does not want to spend time calling potential clients and showing the apartment, so he delegates this activity to a realtor. A buyer wants to find the perfect match, so he or she finds an agent who can offer ten or more properties.
  2. Matching tenants and landlords. Mediation of residential and commercial real estate rentals is an important part of the specialist’s work. He finds attractive objects, advertises, answers calls, and shows the property to potential clients.
  3. Approval of redevelopment. To make changes in the design of residential and non-residential premises, you need to get permission from representatives of regulatory authorities. There is a risk of running into a fine, or even without real estate. Realtors avoid these risks by consulting and collecting documents.
  4. Support of transactions. Legislation is constantly changing. To work with objects, you need to remember a lot of information.
  5. Conversion of residential property to non-residential. To make the apartment on the first floor become a store, you need to meet with the tenants and get Approval from the local authorities. There are many rules related to the Conversion of commercial premises. Without an experienced realtor, you can make a lot of mistakes.

According to market experts, the most in-demand services are purchasing and selling housing. In second place are transactions with commercial and suburban real estate. The third position is occupied by the lease of apartments, and the fourth – the lease of country real estate. To open a promising real estate agency from scratch, you need to focus on transactions that bring more profit.


How much the agency receives

A realtor is a typical intermediary. He brings together sellers and buyers, tenants and landlords. For this, he receives a commission. The minimum commission is 3% and the maximum is 8%. A single businessman can pocket all the money earned minus taxes, but you have to hire employees to scale the enterprise. They also need to pay.

Step-by-step instructions for launching a real estate business

First, you must choose the ownership form for the future enterprise. Then you should be concerned about finding an office and hiring staff. The level of expenses depends on the personal ambitions of the merchant. Nothing prevents you from starting independent work right from home. Still have to spend the lion’s share of time “in the field.” As income grows, you can invest some of the money in the development and open a full-fledged real estate agency.

Starting a business can be done with small forces. It is worth taking a team of a couple of agents and agreeing with the accountant and lawyer to work remotely. Usually, specialists cooperate with a dozen clients. To take them on the staff – an expensive pleasure.

The main skill of the agent – is communication. Staff will have to communicate with tenants, sellers, and buyers several times a day. The tasks of the agent will cope with former sales managers. The manager will have to teach them the nuances of the real estate business himself.