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Tourism business ideas

The tourism business includes various activities related to the organization and provision of services. This includes the establishment and management of travel agencies. Organizing and conducting excursions, hikes, cruises, and other types of active recreation. Developing and selling tour packages, including accommodation, meals, excursions, and transport. Manage hotels, hostels, apartments, and other guest accommodation facilities.

What is included

Organizing corporate events, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions at the facilities. Selling travel insurance and assisting with visa applications. Providing tour guides, interpreters, and other staff to serve tourists. Developing and promoting itineraries, excursions, and tours. Organizing transport services such as car, bus, helicopter, and yacht hire.

Useful tips

Create your travel guide to interesting places in Europe and America. You can show both online and offline services.

Other tips:

  1. Organise tailor-made tours for clients who want to travel according to their interests and preferences.
  2. Offer online courses in English, French, Spanish, and other popular languages to help tourists feel more comfortable traveling.
  3. Open a souvenir or online shop where tourists can buy memorabilia for their trip.
  4. Develop unique itineraries based on popular attractions and little-known places around Europe and America.
  5. Offer tours in historical, cultural, gastronomic, and other themed destinations.
  6. If you speak several languages, you can offer tours in Russian for Russian-speaking tourists.
  7. Provide car hire for clients to explore places of interest.

Open an online service targeting travelers to search and book hotels and apartments in different cities in Europe and America. Hold events, festivals, or workshops related to the culture and history of the countries visited to attract the attention of travelers.

Customized tour around the world
Customized tour around the world

How to promote

Work with tourism partners such as airlines, railway carriers, restaurants, museums, and other entertainment venues. The organization generally requires good marketing, sales, logistics, human resources, and customer relations skills.

Determine who you are creating your product for. They may be young couples, families with children, outdoor enthusiasts, eco-tourists. Consider how your offer will differ from your competitors. What will be special about your product? Create a quality and attractive website. This is one of the most important things for business promotion. The resource should be convenient, informative, and attractive.

Use social media. Form accounts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and actively use them for promotion.


Collaborate with bloggers and influencers. Many people trust their recommendations. If they recommend your product, it will greatly increase your audience. Attend thematic exhibitions and events to show contacts with possible customers and partners. Organise free seminars and master classes. This will help draw attention to your product and demonstrate its advantages.